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Bring History Home

There’s a story under your feet. Let’s discover it together!



What we do


Satisfy your personal curiosity about your home and even enhance its value with a comprehensive historical treatment. We draw on an extensive network of local and academic sources to reveal your home’s unique historical secrets and architectural idiosyncrasies. This information is NOT available online.

Forge a deepened emotional connection to your home by getting to know the original and former owners a little better! Enjoy historic photos of the home and its neighborhood!

Services include an overview of the property’s built history and renovations, brief biographies of its original and previous owners, copies of all available municipal records, historic photos, evaluations of architectural style and context, and more!



Dunne’s Bar

Called “Dunne’s Restaurant” during Prohibition, it became Dunne’s Bar and Grill once the law was repealed. The Dunne’s catered primarily to factory workers who trudged up the hill to the tavern after their shift ended seeking a meal and a libation or two. Interestingly, the office of the house’s current owner Ron Cohen—Rivertown Rose Real Estate—is today located directly across the street at 10 Spring St.





Independent Order of Oddfellows

47 Beekman Avenue, SLEEPY HOLLOW NY

Built in 1926, the handsome Oddfellows Building initially housed a local chapter of an enigmatic organization called the Independent Order of Oddfellows, originally founded in England in the 1700’s. The group’s acronym “IOOF” (Independent Order of Oddfellows) and its symbol, three
chain links—representing the concepts of Friendship, Love and Truth—feature prominently on the facade of the building.


A Castle on Beacon Hill


Once the centerpiece of a sprawling estate that included nearly all of Beacon Hill, the Castle—or “Walston” as one long-time owner liked to call it—was completed in 1879 for
wealthy New York City litigator Frederick J. Stone. Built in a popular Romanesque Revival style of the day, it was one of several lavish mansions in Dobbs Ferry, which had become a preferred site for country retreats by wealthy Manhattanites in these years largely because of the magnificent views of the Hudson River that it afforded. In addition to the castle, the original gatehouse to the estate survives at the foot of Beacon Hill Drive where it meets Ashford Avenue.



What Our Customers Say


I met John Keith Doherty on the street outside my house in Hastings-on-Hudson while he was examining the buildings along our street, Old Broadway. He said he had some theories about the history of our neighborhood and was sure that my house at 532 once belonged to Peter Post and was formerly the Peter Post Tavern during the Revolutionary War. He asked me if I was interested in sponsoring him to do some more research and I readily agreed. 

A few weeks later he produced a detailed report complete with copies of the original deed from 1785 in which Peter Post purchased from the Committee of Forfeiture 286 acres of property that once belonged to the Loyalist Phillips, and which had become a large part of Hastings. The report also included detailed histories of six previous owners, one of whom was George Baker from 1934, a cabinet maker, undertaker and the third mayor of Hastings. I was fascinated and glad I had encouraged Keith in his work.

Keith is also an excellent lecturer and gave a talk in my front yard to 50 guest about the history of my property. He is also a trustee of the Hastings Historical Society and a member of Revolutionary Hastings, a committee dedicated to uncovering its revolutionary war history, especially the Battle of Edgars’s Lane. I would heartily recommend him as a dedicated researcher, original thinker and an excellent writer. – William Logan


We had the pleasure of working closely with Keith, as we delved into the long and rich history of our unique and historical Hastings-on-Hudson home. Keith’s passion for the subject is palpable, and his extensive knowledge not only of this town, but of historical architecture and building brought the past to life again. His task was to find as close to accurate history as possible for our small stone cottage, as the history we had was a bit unclear in some areas. John’s background in research not only unearthed fascinating details about the property but also added depth and authenticity to the overall historical narrative.

Keith was collaborative and inquisitive of our home and made the entire process enjoyable. His dedication to preserving and sharing the heritage of our river town shines through and is such an asset to anyone fortunate enough to engage with him as a local historian. –
Caity Scanlon Korn


Thank you Keith for researching and preparing the historical snapshot of my home! The piece enhances the value of my property as it sheds light on the humanity engrained in the place we love! – Yaron Cohen, Lic. Real Estate Broker, Rivertown Rose, Inc., Hastings-on-Hudson, NY